Travel Jewelry Boxes – Gift Ideas For Graduation

Photo Rings: photo rings are also very easy to make. Use your old fashioned rings or broken rings and stick a photo on to the ring according to its shape. Photo rings express you individual well being and your taste in style. You can give your broken or old ring a completely new look with this method.

Black. Highly polished onyx or the rich black opaque jet stone paired with silver or gold creates an amazing look. A fashionable sterling silver chain necklace with an onyx pendant may have a beautiful eye catching hook and eye clasp is situated on the side of the neck, being part of the design element. A cluster of tiny faceted gemstones dangle from a beautiful onyx pendant along with matching earrings. Dramatic black crystals may drop from etched metal earrings. Shimmering black teardrops are seen inlaid hammered metals. A multi-strand bracelet of little glass beads looks great with simple gold or silver chains.

If you heart hearts, get some heart pendants for your Pandora Necklace. Treasured Hearts with rhodolite only costs around . A 14K heart pendant with cute little diamonds may be yours, too. You may fall in love with the silver heart pendant with pink zirconia.

Gold is the symbol of love and permanence, so gold jewelry is ideal for gifting to beloved persons. Besides, it is fabulous for elderly people as, being the Sun metal, gold is the additional source of energy for them.

Indian bridal jewellery is famous for its visual craftsmanship and styles. It is an integral part of Indian lifestyle to adorn one with many kinds of ornaments on the wedding day. It is said that culture of India takes a change after every 100Km. But wearing special and heavy ornaments on the marriage ceremony has deep roots in our tradition.

Nowadays, cheap doesn’t mean kitschy, on the contrary; cheap can also mean beautiful, appealing and tasteful especially when we’re talking about jewelry. Now you have a great chance to make an impression. And what better way to impress than making the ideal gift? Women are well aware of the difference between fashionable jewelry and old fashioned, ugly jewelry. You must not exaggerate and that’s a rule. Choose something simple but with a significance. Opt for a nice heart pendant with a tiny zirconium stone and that will be enough.

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