Beautiful designs – Gone are the days when you could use steel only for making kitchen utensils, surgical instruments, automobile parts and watches. Today, steel has also proved its predominance in the world of fashion. Steel jewelry can be highly polished and is made in many creative designs. There are mainly two methods of crafting this type of jewelry: by hand or by machines. But it is usually the handmade ones which are heavily in demand and relatively more expensive too. You can also buy machine made jewelry, which come in many attractive designs as well.Blue. The deep blue color of the lapis lazuli sparkles with flecks of purple makes for beautiful pendants, earrings and bracelets. The deeper the blue color the more dramatic it is when paired with sterling silver. Dichroic pendants, with their amazingly deep colors, look incredible hanging from a set of multiple sterling silver chains. Hammered sterling silver, whether hoops, pendants, chains or bangles shine when paired with sparkling deep blue gemstones. Freshwater pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets, in their assorted styles, come in beautiful silvery blue colors to wonderfully accent a black party dress.With sterling silver jewelries you are sure to appear all the more exclusively gorgeous and different. The items are so wonderfully crafted that you would almost love to wear them. Sterling silveris a name in its class. It shines with its specialty. You can look so good with sterling silver jewelry on. They are indeed the best inn fashion. They are also quite convenient in matters of value. They are no longer confined within the conventional concept that the most expensive is the best. They are singular and they are the best in time.